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Add a new page using the FrontPage Page Template
  1. Go to File > New>Page(FP 2000) or File > New > Page or Web (FP 2002).
 In 2002, click on "New from Page Template" in the right column.
  2. Browse to the page template you wish to use and click OK.
  3. Go to File > Save to save your new page. Type in your new file name.
 Click the "Change..." button to change the Page Title. Click OK.
  4. You will be asked to save a list of embedded files (the images). Make
 sure that they are saving into the "images" folder. If not, make sure all the
 images are selected and click "Change Folder" to browse to the images
 folder. Click OK.
  5. Your page will not yet have navigation buttons. You will need to drag
 your page into the navigation structure. First, go to Navigation View.
 (View > Navigation)
  6. Open your Folder List if it is not already opened. (View > Folder List)
  7. Select your new page from the Folder List and drag the page into your
 navigation structure.
  8. Double click the page to go back to Page View.
  You can change the text of flash movie easily.
  This template include 4 swish files, and it's source files.
This swish movie is easy to edit.
  - main-item.swf and .swi source file
- main-1.swf and .swi source file
- main-2.swf and .swi source file
- main-3.swf and .swi source file
  You can change the text of  Main flash movie easily.
  1. Open flash-swi/main-item.swi
2. Edit your menu text
3. File > export > main-item.swf overwrite

swish download Click here!
Limitations of free trial version:
The trial version is fully-functional for 15 days
When the trial expires, if you wish to continue using SWiSH, you must
    purchase a license that allows the trial to run forever.
Copyright 2003 [Your Company Name.LTD]. All rights reserved